Match result

Major Season 21, Vecka 31-32
Team badge
Foulkenbergs Bollklubb

gate: 8 000
1 TD score 0
cas score
Team badge
Crookback Mountain Misfits


Freddy Folkmord
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

fans / random event
Benknäckar Bengt
Gordon Groggsson
fans / random event
foul by Stampe Surqvist
Badly Hurt'ers

Biff Bertil
Freddy Folkmord
Örjan Övervåldkvist

Thisqat Blackbone
Completions by
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

Biff Bertil
MVP awards to
Thisqat Blackbone
Sustained Injuries

Darryl Dindunuffin
Miss Next Game
Vesketch Slinkripper retired
Niggling Injury
Gnotto dead
-1 ST
Thulk Bristlebrow retired
Result added August 30th, 2021

Match notes
Total of 8 fouls and opponent didn't play fair!!!:

Turn one opponents #11 fouled!! (WHERE IS THE REF?!?!)
Turn three opponents #13 fouled!! (WHERE IS THE REF?!?!)

Turn six #7 fouled.
Turn seven #10 fouled. (BH)
Turn eight #11 fouled.

Turn ten #11 fouled. (failed argue, bribery and corruption, bribe)
Turn eleven #8 fouled.
Turn thirteen #7 fouled. (KO)
Turn fourteen #9 fouled. (KO)
Turn fifteen #9 fouled.

Team total:
28 fouls.
2 cas.
3 KO.
1 banned.


Fouls done:
#7 with 10 fouls.
#8 with 7 fouls.
#9 with 5 fouls.
#10 with 2 fouls.
#11 with 2 fouls.
#1 with 1 foul.
#5 with 1 foul.

Foul KO:
#5 with 1
#7 with 1
#9 with 1

Foul Cas:
#7 with 1 (-ST)
#10 with 1 (BH)

#10 been banned 1 time.

Extra match note:
FBK started on offence and managed to pick up the ball turn 10... we managed to get it after 9 pick-up rolls and 2 bouncing catch rolls (only cost us 4 rerolls). Lucky with the bashing to save the day!

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2nd Major Season 20
3rd Major Season 20

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